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After being made aware last November of the apparent Transport for London initiative to remove advertising from the Tube, we were disappointed not to have seen any further action since then. However, another surprise encounter with the team carrying out these improvements has now been reported! 

As shown in the photographs taken by our lucky witnesses, the District Line appears to be the line being used to pilot this initiative. As passengers went about their daily travelling business, a team of obviously highly trained professionals entered the carriages one by one, taking adverts out of the holders, flipping them over and replacing them, putting an information sticker on the flipped adverts.

One of the team explained:
“TFL’s research team has been analysing the effects of environmental conditions on the London Underground, as part of an efficiency drive to reduce tube train suicides and passenger complaints. Extensive psychological research has shown that in the majority of cases, the presence of constant advertising intensifies feelings of anxiety, failure and compulsion. This is especially true within the tube carriage, as the high proportion of adverts for car and life insurance, escapist holidays and plastic surgery exacerbates fearfulness, aspiration and inadequacy in the psyches of the LU customers. It was found that the poems and the maps produced no such ill effects, and they are to remain displayed throughout this initiative.”

This is so awesome. Can NYC do the same please? 

Karoshi - Downside/Upshot

Downside/Upshot - Karoshi by karoshisydney This new tune by Sydney’s Karoshi is a heavyweight slice of future bass, in a not-dub dub style that could sit along side Night Slugs artists like Girl Unit while carrying that optimistic darkness that underpins golden-era IDM. It’s also got that european chill, like an Apparat or Pantha Du Prince track, making it an ideal end-of-night track after your late night bass adventures. Karoshi are about to head off to Europe so their farewell show on Saturday 21/1 will be your last chance to see them in a while. Come to Dirty Shirlows and check them out.
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